President's Message

Gilford Police Chief - Anthony J. Bean Burpee
Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee
Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee

Welcome to our NH Association of Chiefs of Police (NHACOP) website.  Our Association has served as a source of leadership and support for police departments across the state since 1942.  I am honored to have been elected to serve as its 77th President for 2021.  As I look ahead to my term, I am eager to build upon the collaborative working relationships that have been built by my predecessors for the continued purposes of advancing the Association’s vision, goals and objectives.  Much like 2020, I envision 2021 to be another busy year for the Association. 

The emergence of the COVID pandemic has affected communities around the globe including those here in NH.  With such unprecedented challenges comes unprecedented actions taken by leaders in order to keep law enforcement professionals, their families, and our respective community citizens safe.  It is imperative that we continue working with our public safety counterparts in doing all we can to help mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Following the release of the August 2020 LEACT final report, the Governor has directed various entities to implement the Commission’s recommendations with many having 2021 deadlines.  The Association must remain vigilant in having a voice on such topics as qualified immunity, police transparency, the reporting and investigations of officer misconduct, juvenile justice reform, body worn camera requirements, police training curriculum, and accreditation.  

In 2020, the Association finalized its 5-year Strategic Plan with 2021 kicking off Year 1 of many goals and objectives related to sustaining finances, membership, grant funding, corporate sponsorships, training, legislative affairs, marketing and branding, and officer resiliency and wellness, which all need to be worked on.

As leaders, we continue to see civil unrest, anti-police and racial injustice demonstrations, unabated police killings, and an ongoing national narrative regarding police legitimacy.  Understandably, such events have residual effects on us as a profession.  Therefore, we must be mindful of these issues and continue to be strong leadership voices for all NH law enforcement.  

With the continued work to be done by the Association, our efforts, as they have always been, need to be a collective approach with everyone working collaboratively.  We have over 170 current members who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge.  Therefore, participation and the sharing of ideas, thoughts and solutions is imperative.     

The NHACOP is the gold standard for leadership in NH.  It is incumbent on us as leaders to model wellness and behavior beyond reproach, guide our agencies in procedural justice and legitimacy, respond to community concerns, and drive positive change.  As well, we must be cognizant of the fact that change happens and is afoot, which means we must, on some levels, demonstrate an openness to change and the ability we have to embrace it for the purpose guiding the Association and all NH law enforcement through important challenges while promoting law enforcement best practices.

We will continue to promote cooperative, professional relationships throughout the state; evaluate the standards of police institutions and the law enforcement profession; offer quality training and continuing educations for administrators; and provide opportunities for police executives to exchange information and experiences.

I welcome a year of continued personal and professional growth while working alongside my law enforcement colleagues.  Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.