Statewide Testing Program

Are You Hiring New Officers or Dispatchers?
Are You Planning an Upcoming Promotional Process?

Try these quality written examinations developed by Stanard & Associates, Inc. and offered by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police. Exams are easy to administer, job related, and affordable.

National Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

The POST measures reading comprehension, arithmetic, grammar, and incident report writing skills. The test is widely used across the United States by city, county, state and federal agencies. Available in two formats; allowing an agency to score or return the tests to Stanard & Associates, Inc. for processing.  Fillable Agreement and Order Form

National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST)

The NDST gives call centers the ability to objectively assess candidate’s skill level in five important areas: Reading Comprehension, Listening, Problem Solving, Prioritizing, and Multi-tasking. You can enjoy the ease of using an off-the shelf test that targets the areas you need most—those that have been shown to be important to the position of dispatcher.  Fillable Agreement and Order Form

National First and Second-line  Lieutenant Supervisor Tests (NFLST/NSLST)

The NFLST and NSLST are based on source materials covering patrol operations, major court cases, investigations, community policing and management concepts. The end result?

Two cost-effective examinations that can be used as stand-alone promotional exams, or integrated easily into your agency’s promotional process. Fillable Agreement and Order Form

National Detective / Investigator Test

The NDIT assists your agency in idendentifying canidates who possess the relevant job knowledge to be successful detectives/investigators. The exam assesses candidates knowledge in 3 critical areas: Criminal Investigations, Interviewing Techniques and Relevant Case Law.  Information Packet. and Fillable Agreement and Order Form

Please contact the Association for more information or to place an order. 
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Email: Exec. Director Patrick Sullivan

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