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Retirements & Appointments

We congratulate the following Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs and Agency Directors who have had a successful career in NH Law Enforcement and have earned their retirement.  They now move on to  their next career, or simply be with their families who have sacrificed for them and get some well deserved rest.  This list includes all who have retired within the last 6 months.


Chief Wayne Hall
Stratford Police Department (08/16)
  Chief Erin Commerford
Bow Police Department
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Chief Randy Sobel
Middleton Police Department (11/16)
  Dir. James Wilson
NH Liquor Comm- Bureau of Enforcement (01/17) 
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Chief Jon Tretter
Newington Police Department (01/17)
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We welcome these newly appointed and elected Chiefs, Directors and Sheriffs to the ranks of New Hampshire's law enforcement executives within the past six months.



Chief Lawrence Streeter
Newton Police Department
Chief Ryan Murdough
Washington Police Department (05/16)
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Chief David Kretschmar
Somersworth Police Department
Chief Ryan Oleson
Woodstock Police Department (07/16)
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Chief Paul Porier
Barnstead Police Department (09/16)
Chief Timothy Suokko
Dublin Police Department (09/16)
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Chief Steven Sherman
NH Forest & Lands, Rangers
Chief Kyle True
Newmarket Police Department


Chief Benedict Liberatore, Webster Police Department
Chief Margaret Lougee
Bow Police Department (11/16)



Chief William Blodgett
Middleton Police Department


In Memoriam- NH Chiefs of Police & Sheriffs Who Have Lost Their Lives in the Line of Duty

Chief Ralph Brooks- Antrim Police Department
Sheriff Harry Leavitt- Carroll County Sheriff's Office
Chief Frederick Towle- Colebrook Police Department
Chief Michael Maloney- Greenland Police Department
Chief James Collins- Hanover Police Department
Chief Andrew Malloy- Lancaster Police Department
Acting Chief Armand Roussel- Nashua Police Department
Chief Charles Knowles- Seabrook Police Department





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