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Chief Chief Robert Cormier

 President's Meessage

Over the last decade, doing the job of Law Enforcement has increasingly become more complex, facing challenges that we never would have imagined we would face in New Hampshire. With problems like the spiked increase in Heroin use and the related overdoses over the last year, at times our resources have been stretched to their limits. We have also seen a major change and challenge in the way our profession is viewed across America as the result of several high profile incidents where police were involved. Even if the incident occurred hundreds or thousands of miles away, somehow it seemed to affect public perception of Law Enforcement everywhere. The issues we face are not unique to New Hampshire. Being part of the New England Chiefs of Police Association; I know that our neighboring states are all facing the same challenges.

 As an association, we have to help provide the tools and resources that New Hampshire’s Law Enforcement Leaders need to deal with these issues going forward. We are fortunate that in New Hampshire, we have one of the best relationships between federal, state and local agencies of any state in the country and we should be proud of that. These problems would be so much worse if it were not for the great collaboration and relationships we already have. The NH Chiefs Police Association plays a major role in maintaining those relationships and we need to continue that. Together we have to continue to identify potential future issues, problems or challenges and solve the ones we have now. Staying proactive with training and sharing of resources can many times head off problems or issues before they start.

 I also want to continue to make our relationship stronger with our New England partners because we know the issues we face like drug trafficking and addiction does not know state boundaries. Strengthening our relationships through associations like the New England Chiefs of Police and the International Chiefs of Police Associations will become very important going forward to better deal with the serious issues and challenges we will be facing.

Lastly I want to increase training and professional development for New Hampshire’s Law Enforcement leaders with the assistance of  Police Standards and Training, NH Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness, NH Homeland Security and our many other partners who have all offered to help.

There is a lot we can do together to continue the high level of professional Law Enforcement service that New Hampshire has a tradition and reputation for. Together New Hampshire can continue to be looked at as leaders in Law Enforcement for our collaboration and training. We can show other states and our communities how to best address these local and national issues together. I feel we have some of the most dedicated Police Chiefs and Law Enforcement leaders in the country right here in New Hampshire.

 Over the next year, I will do my best to continue the long tradition of hard work by our Presidents and hope to make you all you proud to be a member of our association.

 Thank you

 Chief Bob Cormier

 Tilton Police Department







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