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A Message from Our President,

Chief Michael Sielicki.

Chief Sielicki 2

Fellow Chiefs it is that time of the year again! Schools are opening. Buses are rolling, and children will be waiting at the stops. I'm asking each of you to take the time to reach out to your local principals and to spend time in and around the schools.

We all know that recent events such as Newtown and Georgia have parents, teachers and students on the edge. It is very unsettling for all of us about what is happening in our schools today. Nobody ever wants to have to deal with tragedies like these; however, all too often communities do.

I'm asking each of you to reach out to your principal(s) and develop a strategy for getting in and around the schools this year. I know parents, teachers, staff and the students would be glad to see officers during the day.

Many of you already have school resource officers, and I know that their presence in school definitely makes a difference.  For those that do not have an SRO, please assist me in this endeavor and reach out to make this a safe and uneventful year in New Hampshire.


Michael J. Sielicki

Kensington Police Department

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