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NH Police Cadet Training Academy

Letter and Testimonials

After each session we get letters and e-mails from parents and Cadets about the effect the program has had on their child or them.  With the writers'  permission, some are posted below.


"Good Morning Chief Marshall,

My husband Rolf and I also wish to thank you for the opportunity that was afforded Brie in June; it was a life altering event for our daughter and we are grateful for all of the effort that you and the other staff put in to broaden the horizons of so many young people.  As a result of her experience at the academy, Brie now also aspires to attend the FBI’s Future Agents in Training program held in D.C. in August.  You have assisted in instilling a confidence in Brie that has already had a profound effect on her academically and in her sense of responsibility to family, community and self.  We owe you our sincere gratitude.
Thanks for all your help Chief Marshall and it is our hope that our paths will cross again.       
Karla Olsen-Wallace"

Letter from fomer Cadet, current Army PFC Destiny Fiaschetti.

"Chief Steven Marshall,

I just want to say thank you for everything you and your staff has helped me accomplish. Because of your program I was able to make it through Air Force Basic Training without any problems. I even got to teach my flight how to keep a military bearing and how to make a bed with proper hospital corners. I wish I could continue onto my 3 year and enroll in the Leadership 3rd year. But sadly I can't and by the chance I could in the future I would age out of the program. I hope in years to come maybe I could come out and volunteer.

Sincerely First Class Airmen Stanley"


"Chief Frank,

During the 2010 NHPD Cadet Academy, you were Advisor for Basic Academy, Squad 1. I was one of the 10 cadets in that squad, and I hope I don't take too much of your time sending my heartfelt regards.

My life is on a great track thanks to what I learned and experienced during that week. If you recall, I didn't exactly set off at a great start and blundered often. Between your own guidance and the camaraderie from the others in Squad 1, it became a soaring success in my mind.

I now work in Keene as a Case Manager (in training), and even here, laden with paperwork, I can apply what was gleaned from that week-long program. Though I wasn't able to accept Commander Baiocchetti's gracious invitation to attend a second session in Advanced Academy, what I learned was no less invaluable.

I gave my thanks for your support then, and I want to give it again now. I have a job in my field of study, I can help people in great need on a daily basis, and I believe I have learned the pride and discipline required to last in this high-turnover career. Quite a bit is owed to you, the other advisors, Commander Baiocchetti, and the staff of Hesser College where it was all held.

I will always remember that week of self-discovery, and promise to always remember why Squad One was designated Honor Squad. We got the job done, after all.

Best regards and please stay safe.
Stephen Dille Jr"


"Dear Chief Marshall,

My son just finished his first week at your academy. What did you do to him ?? I dropped off an average 15 yr old boy, and in one week I got back a young man !! He walks taller, sits taller, is super polite and wants to run... every day now!! I caught him showing his young cousins the proper way to do a push up and he was schooling them on the importance of helping out their mom around the house. I was almost brought to tears when he asked me if I knew the definition of integrity..... integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is looking, he continued to ask me to , please do not text while driving even if he is not in the car to see me ! (I do not text while driving) but thought this was just very profound and caring!! Thank you all so much for the positive influence you seem to have on these young wonderful children. We are pleased to hear from him that he is looking forward to returning next year.... I have to end now, my son want to do pushups with me now :))

Thank you again,
Joyce Parhiala-  Cadet Parhiala's mom"


"Hello Chief Marshall,


I just wanted to send you and all the staff of the Police Academy a great big THANK YOU.  I was very nervous leaving my boys there on Saturday, June 23, but I knew both my boys were strong and would survive the week.  Well they did more then survive, they flourished.  Seeing my oldest son, Colby, speaking on behalf of the Basic Academy with a confidence I hadn't yet seen in him was awesome.  Seeing my younger son, Austin, with his group sitting tall at attention looking older and more confident than I have ever seen him.  They have both said that they want to return next year.  Colby hopes to become a Fish and Game officer and Austin has his sights set on the FBI and I think the Academy is a stepping stone for them to reach these goals.


Thank you again,

Jane Denison"


"Chief Marshall, 


     I wanted to let you know my son, Zachary Pinault, just completed the week long basic course held at NHTI and had a very positive experience. He is 17 years old and just graduated from Pinkerton Academy in June. He is registered at NHTI for the fall semester in criminal justice. He is also a member of our Explorer Post here in Londonderry. He is already talking about returning next year for the advanced class.  I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing such a great opportunity for the "next generation".



Jason A. Pinault"



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